The Mission of WCFF

The mission of the Western Christian Faculty Forum at Western Washington University is to explore ways that Jesus Christ is relevant to the university today. The forum seeks to support, encourage, and equip Christian faculty to better understand and fulfill their unique roles and calling as Christian teachers, scholars, and administrators within the secular university context. The Western Christian Faculty Forum also seeks to support, encourage and equip Christian staff and students.


Some of the objectives of the Christian Faculty Forum at Western Washington
University are to:

  • Support the student ministries on campus.
  • Provide a forum for prayer.
  • Provide opportunities for Christian faculty to have fellowship with like-minded professors,
    staff and students.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and analysis of contemporary issues, which are in
    need of an informed faith perspective.
  • Provide Christian faculty with ways of thinking about their disciplines from a Biblical
  • Encourage research efforts that seek to evaluate academic disciplines from a Biblical
  • Introduce faculty of faith at WWU to faculty of faith at other universities.
  • Provide speaking opportunities for WWU faculty locally, regionally, nationally and
  • Provide faculty with resources to explore how faith relates to their discipline.
  • Establish dialog with the broader campus community about the claims of Jesus Christ.